DoE invites schools to apply for Grid Interactive Solar PV systems

Italian Ambassador meets with potential schools in the pilot project Department of Environment

In 2015 the Government of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Environmental Protection and Management Act. Section 39 of the Act stipulates that certain facilities will need to prepare Site Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for review and approval by the Department. The site EMPs will contain information as deemed important by the DoE. 

The Government has agreed to proceed with the implementation of this section of the Act on a a pilot basis and will begin with Medical Clinics and Schools. The Department of Environment is providing small grant funding for Schools and Clinics to assist with preparing their Site Environmental Management Plans. Further, the DoE will be providing the Schools and Clinics with a grant to reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, which is considered to be a Pollutant under the Environmental Protection and Management Act (2015) and its regulations. Greenhouse Gases are causing the earth to become warmer and is attributed to the increase in super storms and more frequent droughts.

SIRF Fund Window
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To assist these facilities prepare their Site Environmental Management Plans and meet the requirement of the Act, funding is being provided via the SIRF Fund to facilitate implementation.

Applicants are asked to complete the SIRF Fund NGO Window Grant Application Form  found here after reading the Call for Proposals.

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