Schools Receive Grant Funding

for Tree Nurseries Around Antigua and Barbuda

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Resilience in the Building Sector from Hurricane

Hurricanes and tropical storms are the main climatic hazards affecting Antigua and Barbuda.

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DOE holds Training Workshop

Department of Environment improved its capacity to address both internal and external complaints.

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SIRF Awardees

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General Description - Project seeks to ensure that schools are able to open as soon as possible after a hurricane by install Grid-Interactive PV Systems on schools. The project will encourage more awareness about environmental sustainability and renewable energy through the Whole school education campaigns produced and committed to by schools, produce environmental management systems reports which will inform institutions of what adaptation measures they can adopt to be more resilient (in keeping with the EPMA), identify GHG emissions sources on schools - to contribute towards mitigating against climate change. Finally, it will collate lessons learnt for smoother scaling up of the project and share them with the other countries in the OECS who are working towards making their schools more resilient, since the region shares the same climate change effects/ challenges.

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Resilience to Hurricanes in the Building Sector in Antigua and Barbuda

The objective of the proposed project is to increase the climate-resilience of selected critical public buildings in Antigua and Barbuda to hurricane.

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SDM Summit 2020 Calls for Ambassadors

The OECS Commission is calling outstanding, enthusiastic individuals from across the Caribbean and around the world to serve in the capacity of SDM Ambassadors to contribute to the advancement of the Sustainable Development Movement 2020 by raising awareness in the country. Application closes May 30, 2020.

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Resilience to Hurricanes in the Building Sector in Antigua and Barbuda

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The biodiversity of coral reefs (number of animals living in/around them) rivals the biodiversity of Tropical Rain Forest

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