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Redonda Designated as Protected Area

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General Description - Project seeks to ensure that schools are able to open as soon as possible after a hurricane by install Grid-Interactive PV Systems on schools. The project will encourage more awareness about environmental sustainability and renewable energy through the Whole school education campaigns produced and committed to by schools, produce environmental management systems reports which will inform institutions of what adaptation measures they can adopt to be more resilient (in keeping with the EPMA), identify GHG emissions sources on schools - to contribute towards mitigating against climate change. Finally, it will collate lessons learnt for smoother scaling up of the project and share them with the other countries in the OECS who are working towards making their schools more resilient, since the region shares the same climate change effects/ challenges.

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Evaluation Of The Department Of Environment’s (DOE) Revolving Loan Programme (RLP)

Evaluation Report: Revolving Loan Programme

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Rejuvenated Caribbean ‘moonscape’ island granted protected area status

From barren moonscape to lush sanctuary! Antigua and Barbuda, along with dedicated partners like EAG, FaunaFloraInt, and re:wild, have just made history. Introducing the Redonda Ecosystem Reserve, a massive 30,000-hectare haven for wildlife and coral reefs.

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Evaluation Of The Department Of Environment’s (DOE) Revolving Loan Programme (RLP)

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Red Mangrove, Black Mangrove, White Mangrove and Button Mangrove are the names of the four types of Mangrove plants in Antigua and Barbuda

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