World Wetlands Day 2018

Ramsar Convention Message

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Summers of Sargassum

Addressing the removal of Sargassum in Antigua and Barbuda

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Health, Prosperity and Climate?

UN Climate Change News, 18 July 2018

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Magical Transformation

Redonda's fantastic beasts

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Latest News

In the spotlight

Operation Jairo concludes extensive study of threatened sea turtle nesting sites on Barbuda

Sea Shepherd and Antigua Sea Turtle Project conducted surveys and conservation patrols of key sea turtle nesting sites on Antigua and Barbuda

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Magical transformation spells brighter future for Redonda’s fantastic beasts

Campaign to remove invasive rats and goats from Redonda has yielded spectacular results for the island’s unique and special wildlife.

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Did you know?

The biodiversity of coral reefs (number of animals living in/around them) rivals the biodiversity of Tropical Rain Forest

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